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Affiliate program

Earn money by referring members to the DreamGoal Premier League 1X2 competition. Earn 0.75 USD per registered participant in the competition! Accepts affiliates from all over the world.

Bonus system
Nr of membersTiered commission rateMonetary bonus
101 USD3 USD
501.25 USD20 USD
1001.5 USD35 USD

Affiliate networks
Unlike some other affiliate programs, Dreamgoals’ uses independent third party tracking system, ClixGalore.

How does it work?
After registration, you can choose from a selection of banners and text links to place on your site or e-mail. The links will contain a unique account code to ensure that you get credit for leads that are generated by your site or e-mail. When one of your visitors clicks on one of our banners or links, they are linked to Then... If they sign up (even 90 days after their first visit)... the affiliate network (clixGalore) tracks your code. You receive a monthly commission check each time you earn more than $50 from the affiliate network.

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