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Company name:Dreamgoal AB, registered in Sweden.

Business concept:
DreamGoal's aim is to develop and sell innovative, challenging and user-friendly online games for people everywhere.
With great commitment, design skills, programming skills and many ideas about how the games should work.
Products so far
Online soccer manager game
In this game you take control of a football club. This online soccer manager game has a very realistic match engine, comprehensive football player attributes (22), advanced tactic selection, and much more. Completely free!
Premier League 1X2 Tip Competition
Where five rounds counts.
Facebook Statistics
Get Facebook Statistics for every url your want. You will get number of Facebook likes and shares for that url, interesting and useful information! It retrieves Facebook Statistics for exact url:s, for instance You can also search for a specific facebook page, for instance Facebook track their statistics by exact url and this site search with their webservice FQL to get the result.
Football News
Get a lot of latest football (soccer) news.
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