Season 25

General principles of the game

A lot of effort has been put into making the DreamGoal match engine as realistic as possible. The match engine is the foundation for a fun and challenging game.
The game covers the principles of football in a comprehensive way. Firstly, a lot of information is connected to the players: 22 skill attributes and some general attributes. All 22 skill attributes and some of the general attributes are taken into account by the match engine. Secondly, there is the comprehensive tactics function, where you can give different instructions to the defenders, midfielders and forwards.
Everybody starts in Division 7 or 8. The two best teams advance to Division 6, and so on. Hence the game is totally fair, you won’t be placed in a high division just because you are one of the first to sign up.
All managers and football (soccer) players exist in the same "world". The "world" is not divided into countries, but each team has a nationality. So, who will be the best manager in the world?
The game is convenient to play and presents the right information where you need it.
Play it directly in your browser - no download required.